Core Banking Integration

Online banking, mobile banking and applications that make banking easier, more-intuitive and better for customers are at the forefront of changes in banking today. With competition now not just from conventional banks, but also fintech's and bigtech, banks with traditional core-banking systems know that rigid and hardcoded business processes and data locked in siloes can seriously inhibit their ability to compete against API-first and data-centric challengers.

Today's digital transformation initiatives are as much about integrating features and functions from partners, as much as it is about extending banking functions from the core.

A key component in building your API-first banking framework is implementing a flexible and robust core banking integration platform that delivers interoperability. Exposing core-banking features and functions from your legacy environments can deliver dramatic results, and with Fiorano's proven integration platform, is no longer time-consuming and complex.

API Banking

Whether internal system APIs from core banking and other back-office / line of business applications, or external partner, customer and open banking ones, APIs are now ubiquitous with banking.

Tightly coupled with our Core Banking integration technology, Fiorano API Management helps banks accelerate innovation and modernisation of legacy core and line of business systems, providing a scalable and quick-to-deliver interoperability platform that bridges the gap between your applications and services.

Available both as an on-premise platform and as a cloud service, Fiorano API Management provides deep integration capabilities to enterprises to build APIs on top of existing applications, offering a range of capabilities including protocol transformation, mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS), standards-based access management, version management, API rate limiting, and metering (analytics).

Fiorano API technology transforms backend and third-party web services into easily consumable APIs, governed by self-service policies and provides contextual analysis and visibility into API initiatives and associated digital assets to help drive developer and user engagement.


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