ISO 20022 is being adopted by most of the world’s payment systems between 2023 and 2025, and with it will bring about a fundamental change in the way financial institutions manage payment processing across the payments value-chain.

It is important financial institutions do not think small, just about compliance, ignoring the tremendous and numerous benefits made possible by ISO 20022 and transformative payments meta-data that till now has eluded the financial services world.

In this whitepaper, experts from TCS and Fiorano dive-deep into the opportunities ISO 20022 brings to organisations beyond mere compliance.

Download to know more about:

  • What ISO 20022 offers financial institutions in the long-run
  • Why it is important to think beyond compliance
  • How organisations’ can leverage the intrinsic value in ISO 20022 data, to become a true ISO 20022 enterprise

*Fiorano ISO 20022 Accelerator is a canonical toolkit that accelerates adoption of multiple ISO 20022 scheme formats with minimal risk, disruption, and effort.

To read more about how to benefit from ISO 20022 and how Fiorano tools can help accelerate compliance, we have presented additional whitepaper and reading material on the next page.

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