Responsiveness, Efficiency, Accountability and Security

Tracking and distributing information in a seamless integrated environment, across disparate systems and boundaries is a mandate for all Public Sector and Government Agencies today. In addition, there is increasing pressure from constituents for secure, fast and immediate delivery of services via the web.

Fiorano’s technology has been at the forefront for over two decades providing solutions in high speed messaging and application integration for Federal, State and Local Government Agencies and holds convenient contracting vehicles such as the GSA Contract with the US Federal Govt and the certifications such as ITK for the UK National Health Services.

GSA Contract Holder
Fiorano ITK

CONNECT WITH CITIZENS faster improving delivery of services

With Fiorano Agencies can integrate heterogeneous IT systems infrastructure across agencies therefore managing resources/assets more efficiently to Increase productivity and streamline operations.

RESPOND TO rapidly changing legislative mandates

Make changes to flows becomes easy with the Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus. Compress your compliance projects to weeks instead of months.

Convenient Federal, State and Local Contracting Vehicles

Fiorano holds a US Federal and State GSA contract and ITK certification in UK gives you peace of mind of ease of doing business.

Flexible investment within budget

Fiorano’s peer to peer technology allows staged implementation so Agencies can progresss their projects according to budget allocations.

System Integrator Teaming opportunities

In this environment, choosing the right technology partner for any Government project has become a critical requirement for every Government System Integrator.


" Fiorano was selected for its ease of use, inherent design advantages and affordability. With the Fiorano SOA Platform, the County will establish a solid foundation for an incremental move to a Service-Oriented-Architecture, based on standards and maximize utilization of its existing IT infrastructure investment "

Eric Prosser
Head EAI Team
County of Tulare

With Fiorano's integration solution, agencies can:

  • Align budgetary dollars through a staged implementation strategy thus achieving steady incremental ROI.
  • Increase productivity and streamline operations by integrating heterogeneous IT systems infrastructure across agencies therefore managing resources/assets more efficiently.
  • Scale solutions rapidly to thousands of geographical/user end points.
  • Reduce administrative costs by sharing information across agencies by overcoming process inefficiencies.
  • Catalyze cloud adoption and mitigate risk with the only hybrid Cloud ESB, the Fiorano Cloud Platform.
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) significantly through Fiorano's Develop Once-Deploy anywhere architecture.
  • Better serve constituent needs and improve service delivery methods by providing personalized, secure eGovernment applications that speak to individual constituent needs.
  • Address the unique challenges of government/defense procurement by leveraging internal B2B integration to streamline complicated bidding and procurement processes.
  • Quickly comply with newly enacted privacy and security regulations.
  • Tighten security through efficient and timely exchange of intelligence information among agencies.
  • Enhance Standards Support and Architectural Compliance using Fiorano since Fiorano enables the establishment and utilization of a Service Oriented Archietcture (SOA) at the enterprise level, allowing business capabilities to be aligned with the technical infrastructure thus providing an agile business strategy.
Fiorano Architecture

Fiorano Architecture in Action Real-time exchange of information between government agencies across multiple platforms

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