Salesforce Integration


Salesforce Integration

Fiorano SOA enables users to connect and synchronize information from to any combination of on-premise and/or SaaS applications, resulting in synchronized business processes across the extended enterprise.

With Fiorano, Salesforce users can:

  • Upload or download data to/from in batch mode or in real time
  • Conveniently connect to any database (e.g. inbound lead databases) in real time for bi-directional data synchronization
  • Synchronize with enterprise accounting and financial applications to provide real-time Invoicing/payment visibility to field sales
  • Automatically update accounting applications and licensing portals when deals are closed and opportunities won

Fiorano SOA has several benefits over competing solutions for integration including:

  • Zero-coding, configuration-based approach to integration with powerful out-of-the-box connectors to, databases, files and several enterprise systems
  • Low, monthly-subscription pricing and attractive enterprise-licensing models
  • Easy management and monitoring via web-based tools
  • Enterprise-class scalability and high-availability with the industry's only peer-to-peer architecture