Adoption of ISO 20022 represents a once in a generation opportunity for financial institutions globally to benefit from data-rich messages and contextual payments data in ways that were not possible till now.

While the initial introduction of the new data language and corresponding messaging formats may seem complex, the benefits of doing so far outweigh initial pains of adoption. Due to the very nature of ISO 20022, canonical tools and technologies serve financial institutions as an invaluable technical resource that should be considered essential in the toolkit of any CIO taking ISO 20022 adoption seriously.

In this joint whitepaper, SWIFT and Fiorano examines the benefits of ISO 20022 and why canonical tools should be considered essential.

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  • Who can benefit from ISO 20022
  • Why canonical tools are essential for ISO 20022 adoption

*Fiorano ISO 20022 Accelerator is a canonical toolkit that accelerates adoption of multiple ISO 20022 scheme formats with minimal risk, disruption and effort.

To read more about how to benefit from ISO 20022 and how Fiorano tools can help accelerate compliance, we have presented additional whitepapers and reading material on the next page.

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