Open Banking is moving beyond mere compliance as new opportunities for value creation emerge, and the world starts to look to broader Open Finance. The industry is rife with news of innovative models appearing every week, both inside and outside the financial services domain, all designed to benefit end customers and deliver on priorities such as financial inclusion.

As banking globally moves into an API-first format, financial institutions will be discovered and interact through the APIs they publish. Even in markets where regulation does not require it, customer demand and changing trends are driving increased adoption of Open Banking.

As a competitive differentiator, Open Banking can help incumbent banks innovate and provide purpose-driven offerings.

Banks have enjoyed customer reach, trust, and loyalty for decades and Open Banking can now help grow new revenue streams, monetize trust and channel access to a broader and connected ecosystem.

Watch industry experts from Fiorano, TCS BaNCS and IBM, in a joint-webinar, explore ‘Growth - the next chapter in Open Banking’ and specifically how financial institutions can and should be leveraging microservices and technology to improve stickiness and accelerate growth.

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Biju Suresh Babu

Managing Director

Banking & Financial Services

Fiorano Software

Robert Brinkman

Infrastructure Architect

Banking & Financial Markets


Vijay Ramachandran




Carlos Figueredo

Chief Executive Officer


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