The Fiorano PSD2 Accelerator is designed to provide banks (ASPSPs in PSD2 terms) with the technology required to meet regulatory obligations, and is designed to sit along side traditional core-banking platforms, well integrated into back-office and front-office functions.


Multiple guidelines for different countries:

The Fiorano PSD2 Accelerator is built to meet multiple guidelines for PSD2 including Open Banking standards from the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE, UK) and Berlin Group's NextGen PSD2 framework and others. Whether you represent a single bank / branch looking to implement one standard, or are looking at ways to manage PSD2 centrally for multiple countries who need to support multiple guidelines, we have it all figured out.



Functional Components


Front office / back office components

Crucially of value to banks, the Fiorano PSD2 Accelerator is designed to be implemented rapidly, sitting alongside traditional back-office and front-office applications and infrastructure to assist banks to deliver a PSD2 Sandbox solution, facilitating PSD2 technology mandates including XS2A, CSC and SCA.


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