ESB 2 Min Explainer

Fiorano ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)

Fiorano ESB® is a JMS messaging-based ESB that mediates and manages interactions between heterogeneous services across the extended enterprise. It reduces complexity and increases flexibility by enabling the creation of dynamically configurable event-pipelines between distributed services, obviating hardcoded dependencies. With a grid-enabled, peer-to-peer architecture, the Fiorano ESB enables linear, build-as-you-grow scalability with no performance bottlenecks and 24x7 forever availability.

Fiorano ESB is the foundation for an enterprise-wide SOA, allowing enterprises to integrate applications and processes as standards-based, event-enabled services over a distributed, centrally managed infrastructure. Built entirely on industry standards including XML, Web Services and REST, Fiorano ESB enables the next wave of comprehensive and affordable integration solutions, unifying applications and infrastructure within an enterprise and delivering the value IT departments are looking for via reuse, flexibility and faster time to market.

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