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PSD2 is just around the corner. With less than two months to go before the March 2019 milestone is here, banks in the UK and across Europe are currently in a rush to fine-tune ASPSP interfaces. With multiple priorities to deal with last year including GDPR and MiFID 2, understandably different banks are at varying levels of maturity regarding PSD2 and the APIs / interfaces themselves.

There is also a fair amount of confusion in terms of what exactly the banks need to do, from a technology and related compliance standpoint. The UK’s CMA 9 and large banks aside, with the ‘opportunity-value’ question still remaining largely unanswered, much clarity is still desired in terms of ‘how do we do the basics?’ especially considering that many banks do not have deep-pockets and budgets set aside for PSD2, and in the absence of strategic Open Banking related investment roadmaps being available, also do not have large IT teams that can be dedicated to this.

Join us for this Free webinar as we do a deep-dive into enterprise IT considerations for ASPSPs, along with the team from Fiorano. Together, we will explore what the minimum interfaces, components and underlying technology / platform requirements are for banks, to publish ASPSP interfaces via. APIs for PSD2.

Webinar - Presenter

Biju Suresh Babu

Biju is an experienced senior executive and natural leader with over 20 years of experience in IT and Digital transformation, in various global locations

In his role as lead for Open Banking and PSD2 at Fiorano, Biju works at the forefront of Fiorano's Open Banking initiatives globally, covering the OBIE and Berlin Group PSD2 guidelines, Open Data Standards, Financial-grade APIs, and Open Banking Security & Conformance.

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