The Banking landscape in Europe changed permanently in 2019. Watch industry experts from Fiorano & iSoftware4Banks discuss how high-impact changes in Global regulations such as PSD2 / Open Banking and market standardization initiatives such as SWIFT (MT), FED and CHIPS migration to MX / ISO 20022 formats will have on banks globally.

In this first of our four-part Webinar Series: "2020, A New Decade of Change for Global Banking & Payments ", hosted by Vincent Raniere, Chief Executive Officer, iSoftware4Banks, Inc., Barry Tooker, Chief Product Officer, iSoftware4Banks and Biju Suresh Babu, Managing Director, Banking & Financial Services, Fiorano discuss the high-impact changes the Banking & Financial Services world experienced globally in recent years, and how these set the stage for changes we can expect going forward.

In this Webinar, you will learn about:

  • Open Banking adoption: What changed in recent years for Europe & the rest of the world
  • ISO 20022: A new messaging format, but way more than just another IT project
  • How these new and rapid developments are fundamentally changing conventional payment processing paradigms

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Vincent Raniere

Chairman & CEO


Vinnie Raniere, a self-motivated leader and successful entrepreneur, provides a deep understanding of the banking industry framework with over 30 years of banking, business development, and regulatory compliance experience in the financial services industry. With proficiency in automation of financial regulatory reporting and first-hand experience of its impact on technology and operations within the financial industry, Vinnie enjoys a successful career in business development, strategic planning, and implementations of a variety of software solutions across the globe.

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Barry Tooker

Chief Product Officer


Barry Tooker joined iSoftware4Banks in January 2018 as the Chief Product Officer and global Head of global Product Management. With over 45 years in the banking industry, Barry is a recognized expert in wholesale banking, a strong energetic leader and manager, and a key resource on operations and systems related projects for global banks and software firms.

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Biju Suresh Babu

Managing Director,

Banking & Financial Services

Fiorano Software

Biju is an experienced senior executive and natural leader with over 20 years of experience in IT and Digital transformation, across various global locations. As Managing Director, Banking & Financial Services at Fiorano, Biju leads Fiorano's initiatives and product strategy in next generation Banking globally, covering the areas of Open Banking & PSD2, Financial APIs, ISO 20022, Composable Banking and API Banking.

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