As ISO 20022 deadlines approach, banks worldwide are preparing to switch from traditional MT message standards to the new data rich ISO 20022 standard. The de facto standard for high-value payment systems of all reserve currencies, supporting 80% of global volumes and 87% of value of transactions globally*, a successful migration to ISO 20022 is critical for banks and payment providers.

Watch Standards pioneer, SWIFT and thought leaders from Fiorano and IBS Intelligence with Payments and Digital Innovation experts from NLB Bank and APS Bank, explore adoption challenges faced by banks and financial institutions and discuss tactical and strategic approaches that are being adopted as the world starts to migrate.

In this Webinar, you will learn about:

  • Revised deadlines, current progress and current market initiatives.
  • Addressing common challenges.
  • The current solution supplier landscape.
  • Strategic considerations in selecting the right approach and technology platform:
    • Managing legacy infrastructure.
    • Tactical vs. Strategic approaches.
    • Deployment options, time and costs.
    • Relevance and role of emerging technology such as AI and analytics in managing the transition.

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* Source – SWIFT