Fiorano SWIFT-Confirm Pack

Part of SR 2020, by November this year, every single MT103 on FIN payment will need to be confirmed to SWIFT within two business days. Financial Institutions have the option of confirming to SWIFT manually or via one of the automated methods approved by SWIFT.

Fiorano SWIFT-Confirm Pack, a part of Fiorano ISO 20022 Accelerator, offers an easy and accelerated path to confirm payments to SWIFT through all SWIFT approved automated routes including MT 199 confirmations, API calls and CSV batches.

Download Fiorano SWIFT-Confirm Pack brochure to read about:

  • How Fiorano offers simplified and fast compliance routes, in-line with the SWIFT Universal Confirmations rulebook.
  • Fiorano Professional Services to reduce SWIFT/Process related operational costs and improve control of financial flows.
  • A smooth upgrade path to SWIFT gpi, SWIFT CBPR+ and ISO 20022.

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