Fiorano ISO 20022 Accelerator

Banks across the globe are under pressure to modernize payments technology infrastructure in line with ISO 20022.

While the ISO 20022 message standard is revolutionary and offers multiple external benefits related to harmonization, integrating the ISO 20022 message format into existing environments is complex. The agility, stability, and scalability of underlying technology infrastructure banks choose to underpin ISO 20022 plays a significant role in the resulting outcomes.

Fiorano ISO 20022 Accelerator supports short-term and tactical message and interface implementation projects. It also provides an ideal microservice-centric underlying technology framework for a strategic approach to ISO 20022-centric digital transformation.

Download to read about:

  • Risks involved in ISO 20022 adoption
  • What tools you need to make sure your project is successful
  • How Fiorano ISO 20022 Accelerator simplifies and accelerates ISO 20022 adoption

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