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L'Oréal India uses Fiorano to streamline data-flows and transformations

L'Oréal India uses Fiorano to streamline data-flows and transformations between applications hosted by distributors and at the central data-centers of the company.

Prior to the automation via Fiorano, sales orders and invoice generated by web applications hosted by each distributor used to be manually collected to update L'Oréal's backend ERP system (SAP R3) along with other master-data such as customer records, schemes, letters of intent (LOI), business agreements etc. This process of manually collecting sales data from hundreds of distributors across the country and managing internal sales processes proved to be a hindrance. Consistent loss of data and the lack of real-time automation stretched execution timelines, resulting in declining productivity.

L'Oréal selected the Fiorano SOA platform as the backplane infrastructure to seamlessly connect internal systems – legacy or otherwise, enabling the rapid deployment of data-flows and transformations in real-time. The new integrated system allows L'Oréal to remotely monitor, log and track for effective error handling, problem resolution and more importantly real-time automation between its Distribution Management System (DMS), SAP and SQL data warehouse for business intelligence.

Fiorano's comprehensive application integration solution has enabled L'Oréal India to focus on its core mission of making beauty universal in a sustainable and responsible way in emerging markets.

About Fiorano Software

Founded in 1995, Fiorano is a trusted provider of enterprise integration middleware, high performance messaging and distributed systems. Fiorano's innovative event-driven SOA platform integrates applications and complex technologies into an enterprise nervous system. Fiorano's hybrid Cloud-ESB integrates applications across SaaS, PaaS and on-premise worlds. Global leaders including Federal Bank, Commercial Bank of Africa, NASA, US Coast Guard, POSCO, British Telecom, AT&T Labs, Vodafone and L'Oréal have deployed Fiorano's solutions to drive innovation through open, standards-based, event-driven SOA applications yielding unprecedented productivity.