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The Digital economy is inducing momentous changes in the way modern businesses work. Investments in Digital technologies help extend the reach of enterprises, improve management decisions, and speed the development of new products and services. Critical business drivers including better compliance levels, enhanced customer experiences and quick service delivery – the pillars of business success – are encouraging enterprise to invest in new digital technologies to drive differentiation while disrupting traditional business models for enhanced growth.

The Fiorano Digital Business Platform allows companies to integrate digital and physical elements to successfully transform their business models. Fiorano’s adaptable platform fits into existing enterprise IT landscapes, enabling the rapid adoption of future technologies in an evolving digital landscape. Fiorano Digital Business Platform translates business innovations into strategic roadmaps so that organizations can integrate business strategies with operational and informational perspectives to provide better customer experiences.

The Fiorano Digital Business Platform includes the following products:

  • Fiorano ESB
  • Fiorano API Management
  • FioranoMQ and MQTT

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Differentiating via Digital Transformation

Fiorano SOA Platform

Fiorano Digital Transformation Platform helps in managing transformation projects to drive agility and nurture business innovation. It facilitates in building clear roadmaps and improving planning capabilities to ensure efforts and resources contribute towards company’s business objectives. It connects technology and people to evolve your business into technology innovation center for creating smarter offerings leading the market.

Chief Enablers of Digital Transformation

Fiorano ESB

A JMS messaging-based ESB that mediates and manages interactions between heterogeneous services across the extended enterprise.

Fiorano's distributed, peer-to-peer agent-based architecture abstracts the complexity of developing and deploying services to unlock value in a customer's enterprise architecture framework. Fiorano ESB serves as the core backplane technology for the Fiorano SOA platform.

Fiorano API Management

The Fiorano platform serves as an API Gateway between applications and services providing a linearly scalable, agent-based API gateway.

The Fiorano platform allows developers to create APIs using a visual drag-drop configure approach and supports web-services and REST-based API development.

FioranoMQ & MQTT

Fiorano MQ brings the power of seamless messaging to enterprises with the industry’s fastest JMS messaging engine.

MQTT is a light weight event and message oriented protocol that allows devices/sensors to communicate with remote systems in an efficient and asynchronous fashion; specially designed for resource constrained devices over unreliable networks with low-bandwidth and high-latency issues.

Fiorano ESB

The Fiorano ESB implements a brokered, peer-to-peer (often referred to as super peer) system architecture, which combines the management benefits of centralized hub-and-spoke systems with the performance benefits of fully distributed peer-to-peer systems, while avoiding the disadvantages of both individual approaches.

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Fiorano SOA Platform

Fiorano API Management

Fiorano SOA Platform

Exposing interfaces to unique corporate data creates value that many companies have difficulty unlocking on their own. By exposing internal enterprise data and application functionality to external applications on mobile devices, consoles and affiliate Web sites, an organization can transform its business into an extensible platform. Enterprises require ways to publish APIs to external developers, to interact with customers over new mobility and social channels, innovative and evolve ways to reach new customers through partner and third-party applications and exploit the exponential explosion of client end-points to drive end-user business, among others.

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FioranoMQ® Enterprise Messaging & MQTT

Fiorano's enterprise messaging backbone seamlessly integrates heterogeneous IT systems improving operational efficiency, business agility and performance. With comprehensive support for standards-based communication, connectivity and transformation, the FioranoMQ JMS server minimizes proprietary dependencies while providing a powerful communication backbone that can be extended easily, allowing real-time delivery of data spanning multiple applications, platforms, partners and customers. Fiorano is the messaging middleware of choice supporting mission-critical operations for Global Leaders worldwide.

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Fiorano SOA Platform

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