About Fiorano®

Founded in 1995, Silicon Valley based Fiorano is a USA (California) Corporation, a trusted provider of enterprise integration middleware, high performance messaging and peer-to-peer distributed systems. Fiorano powers real time, digital enterprises with a bimodal integration and API Management strategy that leverages the best of systematic (centralized, high-control) and adaptive (federated, high-speed) approaches to deliver solutions across cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments.

Global leaders including Federal Bank, Rabobank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Temenos, Boeing, British Telecom, L'Oreal, McKesson, NASA, POSCO, Schlumberger, US Coast Guard and Vodafone have deployed Fiorano to drive innovation through open, standards-based, event-driven real-time solutions yielding unprecedented productivity.

Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and FioranoMQ JMS Server, deliver the industry fastest, lowest latency, highest throughput real-time messaging (asynchronous and synchronous) to power high performance, highly available, and collaborative workflow applications whose application services are distributed throughout the IT landscape. The Fiorano Cloud Platform, is a hybrid ESB Platform that integrates applications across SaaS, PaaS and on-premise worlds. Fiorano B2B is an enterprise-level B2B gateway for transacting business electronically with customers, trading partners and distributors worldwide. Fiorano's distributed, peer-to-peer agents abstract complexity of developing and deploying services to unlock value in a customer's enterprise architecture framework.

Customers Worldwide Choose Fiorano

Customers choose Fiorano based on our proven, comprehensive, interoperable and scalable SOA infrastructure solutions. Fiorano's products are backed by a 24x7 technical support team that ensures the highest levels of customer satisfaction. At Fiorano, we are committed to delivering solutions that deliver immediate ROI with proven interoperability and industry-leading performance and scalability. Fiorano and our partners are focused on ensuring our customer's sustainable success with our solutions.

Fiorano provides customers several benefits including:

Maximizing ROI with existing assets:

In order to maximize ROI, a business needs to integrate diverse applications into a single framework that is easy to use, manage, extend, and adapt to dynamically changing business requirements. Fiorano's solutions provide an easy-to-use framework to design and deploy business processes, while simultaneously providing detailed visibility and manageability for business process developers. Decision makers can now focus on scenario analyses, risk mitigation and better decision making without having to burden their developers for routine process modifications and changes.

Higher Profitability:

Fiorano's solutions help minimize design, deployment, on-going management costs. In addition, its reusable, component-centric approach enables new service and revenue opportunities to be realized easily. Businesses can lower costs and increase revenues with Fiorano's solutions.

Balanced Growth with Controlled Costs:

Fiorano's solutions enable fine-grained control over scalability. Entry-level costs are significantly lower than competitive offerings. Architectural-level innovations enable a linear build-as-you-grow scalability, ensuring optimum performance that meets rapidly changing business demands.

Optimized usage of all enterprise resources:

Fiorano's infrastructure solutions enable leveraging all the power available at the end- points of the enterprise network. Businesses can now meet dynamic surges in demand without having to provision new systems, deliver undisrupted services and increase customer satisfaction.

Easy Extensibility to Partners:

Business Processes need to be effortlessly extended beyond employees, to trusted partners and increasingly, new customers. Fiorano's Solutions provide the highest levels of built-in security and accessibility, which coupled with the easy extensibility, enable business managers to extend their business reach to new partners and customers easily.