Fiorano is now an e-GIF accredited organization and has been recognized by the e-GIF authority as an organization which understands the e-Government Interoperability Framework and has processes in place to deliver e-GIF compliant solutions.

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Objective of e-GIF

Modern government demands joined-up ICT systems. Interoperable systems working in a seamless and coherent way across the public sector hold the key to providing better services tailored to the needs of citizens and businesses, at a lower cost.

Mandated Compliance for all UK Public Sector Enterprises

Compliance with this Framework is mandated for all public sector agencies within prescribed timelines. Compliance is a key criterion in determining release of funding by the e-Government Unit and HM Treasury. New systems failing to comply will not get project approval or funding from appropriate bodies and systems seeking to link to Directgov or the Knowledge Network will be refused connection.

e-GIF Technical Policies

In order to ensure interoperability across the public sector, the e-GIF has laid down the Technical Policies covering four key areas:
  • Interconnection
  • Data Integration
  • Content Management Metadata
  • e-Services Access
The ultimate test of interoperability is the coherent exchange of information and services between systems. This means that it should be possible to replace any component or product used within an interface with another of a similar specification while maintaining the functionality of the system. To be e-GIF compliant, a system must satisfy both requirements.

Mapping the e-GIF Architecture

The key to executing e-GIF guidelines is to build a cohesive and interoperable architecture to integrate distributed e-government applications and entities.
Fiorano’s unique peer-to-peer architecture and its build-as-you-grow model together with it’s multi-language, multi-platform deployment ability enables integration solutions which are easy and scale linearly. Fiorano technology can be directly mapped and customized to the established technical policies of the e-GIF.
  • Interconnection – Fiorano supports interoperability between disparate systems based on the exchange of XML data. With support for complex XSL Transformations, data can be easily integrated between different applications tailored to the needs of citizens and eGov businesses at a lower cost.
  • Data Integration – Fiorano technology is built on XML as the core standard for Fiorano aligns with and works across the Internet and supports dominant Internet protocols such as TCP/IP among others. Fiorano's standards compliance is documented and available for public information.
  • Content Management Metadata – Fiorano supports the addition of to third-party metadata databases in order to meet the government’s information management and retrieval needs.
  • e-Services Access – Fiorano’s comprehensive support for browser-based interfaces built around the _ functionality of service reusability while bridging the gap between government information systems and intermediaries thus enabling accessibility to all public sector information systems. These interfaces can be made available in multiple languages across disparate operating systems.
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*From the report “e-Government Interoperability Framework Version 6.1”; Crown copyright 2005.