Fiorano Core Banking Integration


Core Banking Integration

Banking processes have become increasingly dependent on many inter-related applications, regular economic and regulatory changes and continuously evolving data requirements.

These changes require that marketplace threats and opportunities be supplanted by easy to integrate, implement and activate banking systems that can sustain these changes in the banking environment. Flexible and robust core banking integration solutions enable banks to compete in an ever-changing environment quickly meeting marketplace threats and opportunities. Core banking systems need to be able to adapt to constant change and innovation. Isolated stacks of rigid processes are being replaced by easily integrated core systems that allow multiple data flows. Core banking integration requires that banking processes are interoperable to better drive faster response and quicker decision times.

Fiorano is a market leader in providing software infrastructure to multiple sectors and is now proving to be a leader in banking solutions targeted at retail, corporate and community banks as well as to financial institutions where regulatory change is paramount.

Representation of Fiorano’s 'Out of box' integration solution

Fiorano enables ease of integration by connecting with multi-system standard-based connectors which integrate with multiple core banking systems that deploy disparate applications. Fiorano with its vast knowledge and experience in the financial industry has over the years helped many banks integrate core banking systems with applications that can boost operational efficiency and productivity across processes, customers and partners. Fiorano provides an 'out of the box' core banking integration system, making it is an ideal choice for clients that require an incumbent ESB. Fiorano core banking solution can also be used by a client looking for a 'bank in a box' solution.

With Fiorano's integration solution, banks can:

  • Securely and transparently bring new channels into their service delivery network
  • Facilitate the continual optimization of multi-channel service delivery networks
  • Establish a flexible and scalable architecture which is future proof
  • Enhance relationships with customers, reduce operational costs and create new revenue opportunities
  • Effectively integrate the bank's front and back office processes across the entire service network

An Integrated Solution

Fiorano with its range of enterprise-class integration middleware products offers a powerful, new, standard way of linking applications and creating new services resulting in greater agility and reducing the time and cost to add new applications, functionality and partners to the banking network.

Fiorano ESB

An agnostic ESB integrates applications and processes as standards- based, event-enabled services over a distributed, centrally managed infrastructure. Built entirely on industry standards including XML, Web Services and REST, Fiorano ESB enables the next wave of comprehensive and affordable integration.


A JMS-compliant messaging backbone used within Fiorano SOA to send and receive instructions at high speed and low latency.

Standards-Based Connectors

Fiorano has the capability to connect with based connectors and link with multi-system core banking solutions. Fiorano offers the simplest and fastest way to integrate core banking system with disparate applications.

Peer-to-Peer Architecture

Fiorano offers a unique powerful, peer-to-peer platform approach to extract value from the massive volumes of data flowing across all banking operations.

Event Process Choreography

The Fiorano Studio allows end-users to rapidly compose enterprise-scale, interactive business-solutions in the form of event-driven distributed business processes. With the studio, the logical application design is mapped directly to the physical implementation, making the development process easier and more intuitive than that of conventional integration suites.


  • Outbound and Inbound adapters for event notification
  • Integrates with all Multi- System Core Banking solutions to Expose APIs to Third Parties
  • Use of custom adapters for integration with multiple Core Banking Systems
  • Enables monitoring of applications across the enterprise>
  • Enables participation in the enterprise orchestrated value chain
  • Enables message routing and transformation via the ESB
  • Reduction of integration time by up to 80% with productive user tooling

Key features of Fiorano

  • Codeless Integration Approach
  • Out of the box connectors for multiple core banking systems
  • Comprehensive set of prebuilt components / adapters (including SWIFT, FIX and a number of ISO standards-based components)
  • Drag-drop to configure, connect, distribute and execute business logic
  • Support for all major transports: Database, File, FTP, Email, HTTP, Web services etc.
  • Complete Auditing, Management and Monitoring from a single view
  • Excellent Technical support with quick turn-around times
  • Comprehensive deployment rules and Security

Benefits of Fiorano integration

  • Development - Accelerated development and reduced time to market for new offerings using Fiorano's peer-to-peer, parallel processing infrastructure to manage Big Data efficiently across global banking networks
  • Increase in Business Agility - Fiorano SOA simplifies application maintenance and new application development, resulting in a positive customer experience with dramatically reduced outages
  • Increased Productivity, Reduced Costs - With the Fiorano platform integrating different components, transformation code does not need to be written across multiple applications where these components are re-used. This leads to a direct increase in productivity and reduced overall cost of development
  • Quick Deployment - Deploy straight-through-processing (STP) to reduce turnaround times to minutes from days or even weeks
  • Easily scalable - Fiorano SOA provides a linearly scalable platform with a high level of reuse. This is a critical feature for business expansion, mergers and acquisitions
  • User Friendly Interface and Easy Monitoring - Integrated with third-party applications via user-friendly point and click tools, Fiorano includes the ability to remotely monitor application components with complete visibility across the enterprise
  • Quick Service Enabling - Quickly expose the T24 transactions as various services to vendors, customers, payment gateways etc.