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GSA Teaming arrangements

Governments worldwide are moving away from monolithic implementations and multi-year projects involving huge outlays. The US Federal CIO, Vivek Kundra has highlighted numerous such failed programs as he pushes for the Cloud First Initiative.
In this environment, choosing the right technology partner for any Government project has become a critical requirement for every Government System Integrator. This is a huge opportunity for your business as the federal market for SOA projects has gone up by a staggering 17% CAGR, from $370 million in 2009 to a projected $660 million in 2014. Almost $20 billion has been set aside for Cloud Initiatives from the overall $80bn of IT funding for the US Federal Government.
Fiorano is a distributed middleware platform built for the next generation of flexible and scalable business applications; it provides a cloud-ready architecture enabling cross-over business integration and catalyzes cloud adoption by mitigating its associated risks.

Advantages of Partnering with Fiorano

The benefits of partnering with Fiorano can be segregated into Business and Technical benefits.

Business Benefits:

  • Higher ROI – You can significantly enhance the ROI on your fixed price projects with Fiorano's scalable technology, which reduces the TCO on incremental projects; this allows competitive bidding and bottom line results.
  • Competitive COTS Software – Fiorano's highly scalable and unique peer-to-peer architecture requires lesser hardware for the same configuration and its ease of use means lower cost implementation – this means you can maximize the value of your services.
  • Higher Revenue per project – Since Fiorano does not offer GSA 132-51 IT Professional Services, you get to keep the entire service revenue for implementation.
  • Enhanced Value Proposition – Fiorano's superior and proven integration technology enhances the value proposition for your existing clients and prospects by delivering on-time projects within budget.
  • Meet your Prime contract small business Goals by partnering with Fiorano.

Technical Benefits:

  • Standards-based Interoperability – Fiorano SOA Platform defines inter-relationships of disparate components by interface specifications, supporting multiple standards including JMS, XML, XLST, JCA, J2EE and .NET technologies, ensuring interoperability and also catalyzing cloud adoption by enabling easy integration with legacy and new IT portfolio.
  • Fiorano's Multiplatform Architecture – This feature allows platform and language independence, enabling a FEA risk mitigation strategy.
  • Reusability and Linear scalability – Fiorano integrates existing as well as legacy applications and enables reuse of services, reducing the massive integration effort and averting the replacement of existing IT infrastructure, consequently lowering TCO. Most Government applications require scaling to a large user base and Fiorano's linear scalability allows Agencies to scale without additional investment in hardware and resources.
  • Cloud-enabled business applications – Fiorano's cloud strategy for distributed agency applications and growing business intricacies prepares your business to support e-Gov entities for the next generation of flexible and scalable cloud-enabled business applications.
  • Architectural-level innovation: Fiorano's linearly scalable and unique peer-to-peer architecture does not require increasing investments in expensive hardware like that of traditional hub-and-spoke architetectures. A lower overall cost implementation means you can maximize the value of your services.

Fiorano Accreditations

Fiorano is accredited to the prime government schedules including the General Services Administration (GSA) in the USA, with acceptance to sub-schedules – Cooperative Purchasing, Disaster Recovery and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
Fiorano technology maps directly on to the Technical Reference Model (TRM) of the Federal Enterprise Architecture framework and also supports key initiatives of the Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA) as statutorily mandated by the National Defense Authorization Act of 2005 and published by the Business Transformation Agency.
Fiorano is also accredited to the UK e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF) and is a member of HL7 UK, powering various federal and healthcare initiatives.