No valid license found for the product (DB;10)

I am trying the Community Edition 
Follow the example of "DB Basics - Select and Insert Statements"
But when I running the Example , the log file show 
"SEVERE : Error starting TR Gateway
com.fiorano.bc.trgateway.bcdk.CustomESBException: No valid license found for the product (DB;10)"
Is the Community Edition need the license ?


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  • chaitanya

    The error is due to missing microservice license. In the Fiorano ESB community edition, server and many microservices are provided for free. But some enterprise microservices have their own licenses.

    To get rid of this error, please check the mail that you must have received when you downloaded the product. It has detailed instructions on how to install licenses.

  • chaitanya
    Follow up Questions from Mark using other Channels

    1.the license only have the 60-day FREE Evaluation ?
    (Expiration=2016-10-4), but I am download , trying the 
    ESB Community Edition 1.0.0, it is open , why still have trial

    A. The trial is not for the servers and free microservices, it is only for certain enterprise level microservices provided by Fiorano. So after trial period, the server, tools and any event processes/flows using free and your own custom built microservices continue to work without any issues.

    2. I have try the DB select , It can show the result in the
    component of Display_DBSelect .

     If I want call the Fiorano server for the DB select service
    from another computer, where can I found the URI ?

    A. If you need to expose DB as a REST service and use it with an URI, you need to use it along with RESTStub component in an event process/flow.
    Please refer to example available here  -

    3. I am try the e-mail (SMTP) , but cannot send the e-mail,
    it is the license issue or where can I found the error message?

    A. You can right click on component and select view error logs option to check this.
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