Andropause - A Short Overview

Most males are unaware which a clear symbol of alteration in hormones can be determined by testicles sizes, most importantly the progres in dimensions. The general feeling, meaning should your testicles feel heavy or light and especially in size. Sperm volume during ejaculation can also be an indication of testosterone levels - so how important is that?

Should your sperm volume is less than normal or maybe your testicles are shrinking in proportions it may well imply you have a elevated levels of estrogen. The negative effect of unusually high estrogen levels is really a lower testosterone level. This is the mismatch of male and female hormones that cause testicular atrophy which inevitably results in low sperm count and volume.


A Lack of Libido. Even though this affects mainly men if their upper 50's or who are typically termed as seniors, low sex drive may happen to any man of nearly every age. Men in their late 20's have noticed this phenomenon and ordinarily have no answers that explains why it's got happened or any solutions, short or long term. For most men sex will always be of major importance in their life. If a man loses the urge a minimum of 90% of the time this illness may be related to alterations in alteration in hormones, the transfer of estrogen.

Getting up Having an Erection. Most men with normal levels of testosterone will awaken with an erection because they hormonal changes peak in the early hours with the morning thus after a good night's sleep most men awaken with and expectation to release sexually. This desire can be frustrated as a result of high estrogen levels, hence no erection. Because desire for sex each day along with the accompanying erection disappears slowly, it is vital that men who have this problem understand that matters will not likely improve without medical help.

For more information about sintomas andropausia check out this web page.
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