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I will like to ask if it is possible to configure fiorano components at run time rather than design time.

I am currently working on a personal project. I have a database table (POP3_SETTINGS) that holds pop3 settings such as email account, port no e.t.c
I intend to implement a flow that will read an incoming email message, extract the mail contents (e.g. from address, to address, subject, body e.t.c) and insert into an email table (EMAIL) in my database. 

Let's say I have two records representing two email accounts that are to be polled periodically for emails. 

 Is it possible for fiorano CE to at run time: 

 1. Detect a new pop3 email account. (i.e. whenever a new email account record is inserted in the POP3_SETTINGS table)

 2. The flow show be able to detect the email account and start polling for new message. (e.g. runtime confuguration of pop3 adapter e.t.c)
 NOTE: I expect steps 1 and 2 to repeat whenever a third, fourth, fifth mail account is inserted in the POP3_SETTINGS table. 
If it's possible how can this be achieved ?


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  • laxman

    Property 'Use connection details from Input' present in Expert properties can be used to configure fiorano components at runtime dynamically. After enabling it, Connection details to be used will be part of input message.
    DB component configured with 'Monitor Table' query to check for inserts can be used to detect records Addition in POP3_SETTINGS table. 
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