New Microservices

  • HDFS Connector: New microservice to connect to the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and perform operations like Write, Read and Copy files.
  • Sequencer: New microservice which helps to generate sequence numbers and re-sequence the messages which are processed in parallel across multiple threads or microservices.


  • EDI to XML: Support for UN/EDIFACT messages.
  • Support to provide pre-processing and post processing XSL.
  • Web Service Consumer 4.0: Support to send HTTP headers in SOAP request.
  • DB: Support for SQLXML JDBC data type.
  • FTP Get: Support to read files in chronological order.
  • XSLT: Support to transform using the XSLTC transformer factory.
  • JMS Adapters: Support to connect to the Open MQ server and send and receive messages from JMS destinations.
  • Aggregator and Join: Support to get processing statistics and to flush messages if not needed while the components are running.


  • Utility to encrypt passwords and use encrypted passwords in tools like CLI.
  • CLI: Support for SVN 1.8 and HTTP URLs for checkout.



  • Option to filter completed and incomplete workflows from dashboard.


  • Option to convert route transformation to XSLT Microservice.
  • Visual representation for application context settings in the port.
  • Paging support in the message browser window.
  • Option to update mapping in all connected route transformations when schemas are changed in the Salesforce microservice.


  • Option to smartly generate mappings between similar structures.
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