MT2XML transforms SWIFT Message Type (MT) messages to XML conforming to the schemas issued by SWIFT in SWIFT Standards Developer Kit (SDK).

Configuration and Testing

Component Configuration

Figure 1: MT2XML configuration properties


Error handling configuration

Please refer Error Handling section in Common Configurations page.

Standard Release MT Year

Year in which SWIFT released SDK schemas.
Standard Release Years supported by MT2XML component and available in this property are:

  • 2012
  • 2013

Message Schema File

Name of standard MT message schema present in Schema Repository, for example 'fin.202.2012.xsd. It is the Schema file according to which transformed XML conforms.

These schema files are present at the following location:

The component supports MT-XML transformation of all MT messages.

Expert Properties

Enable the Expert Properties view to configure these properties.


Expert properties are meant for advanced users; use with caution.

Figure 2: Expert properties for MT2XML

Pre Processing XSL Configuration

Pre Processing XSL configuration can be used to transform request message before processing it. Click the ellipses button against the property to configure the properties.

Refer to the Pre/Post Processing XSL Configuration section under the Common Configurations page for details regarding Pre Processing XSL configuration and Post Processing XSL configuration (below).

Post Processing XSL Configuration 

Post Processing XSL configuration can be used to transform the response message before sending it to the output port.

Process Message Based on Property

The property helps components to skip certain messages from processing.

Refer to the Process Message Based On a Property section under the Common Configurations page.

Threadpool Configuration

This property is used when there is a need to process messages in parallel within the component, still maintaining the sequence from the external perspective. 

  • Limit the usage of the Threadpool Configuration property only in circumstances as mentioned above.
  • If sequential processing is not required, please use sessions on the input port.

Click the Threadpool Configuration ellipsis button to configure the Threadpool Configuration properties.

 3: Threadpool Configuration

Enable Thread Pool

Enable this option to configure the properties that appear as below.

Pool Size

Number of requests to be processed in parallel within the component. Default value is '1'.

Batch Eviction Interval (in ms)

Time in milliseconds after which the threads are evicted in case of inactivity. New threads are created in place of evicted threads when new requests are received. Default value is '1000'.


Input and Output

Sample Input

A sample of message type MT101 – Request for Transfer:


XML output of the component for the above sample input can be seen by expanding the below:

 Expand source

An exception is thrown if the input is not a valid SWIFT MT message.

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