Logger parameters configurations including the level of logging can be changed in the FES profile at Fiorano > Loggers. Loggers of the following servers can be amended:

  • Dashboard
  • MQ
  • ESB
  • Jetty
  • Monitoring
  • Web Management

Log Levels

The maximum limit beyond which no logging event will be generated.

To amend the log level, click the required node (EsbDashboard / Fiorano/Fiorano.Esb / JettyLogger / Monitoring / WebManagement) under Loggers node.

The various levels of logging and their descriptions are as below.

Log LevelRefers to

Appender Configuration

Various appenders under each node of the Loggers have various component configurations that need to be changed as per the profile requirement.

To change the Appender parameters for the loggers, click the preferred appender under the respective logger and change the values.

Filter Pattern

Regex based string filter pattern for filtering the log event received by this appender. Only those events which match the filter criteria are logged.

Max Filter LevelMaximum Filter Level for log events. Events logged above this level will not be received/logged by this appender.
Min Filter LevelManimum Filter Level for log events. Events logged below this level will not be received/logged by this appender.
Threshold LevelEvents logged below this log level will not be received/logged by this appender.
Appender NameUnique name to represent the appender.
Log Pattern

This is Log4jspecificformat for printing logs.


Below code will print CodeFileName and MethodName where the Log event is generated.
File NameLog file name. This file is by Rolling File Appender for logging log events. Example: mqout.log, mqerr.log.
Is AppendFile logging mode to indicate whether to append or not to append. If enabled, log events are appended to already present logs in the file.
Max File SizeMaximum size of a log file in bytes
Max Backup IndexMaximum number of log files to be used like file.log, file1.log etc
Print TargetApplicable to console appender only. Example: System.out, System.err
Appender Type

Types of appenders:

  • file
  • console
  • syslog
  • winevent
Logging EnabledFlag to enable logging to the Llinux Syslog Deamon
HostnameSyslog hostname, hostname of the Llinux Syslog Deamon
ProtocolSyslog protocol, protocol to be used for sending logging events
PortSyslog port, port to be used for sending logging events
FacilitySyslog facility, facility to be used for sending logging events
ParentThis property is deprecated.
Child ConfigsThis property is deprecated.
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