What is profile Management?

Profile Management constitutes collectively managing profiles of a group of Servers from a remote location.


What is Fiorano Directory Services (FDS)?

FDS is a profile management component of the FioranoMQ, which is used for managing profiles and/or Server configurations globally. FDS provides the ability to expose all the attributes of a profile and propagate the changes made to all Servers using this profile.
When two or more FioranoMQ Servers (from different installations) start with the same profile, their configurations could very well be different (if the profiles have been modified in their respective installations). However, if these profiles need to be consistent across several FioranoMQ Server instances the changes should be done globally to affected each instance. FDS can be used to edit a profile globally for more than one FioranoMQ Servers and these changes are then reflected in both Servers.


What is the difference between the FioranoMQ Messaging Server and FioranoMQ Management Server?

The FioranoMQ Messaging Server with the FDS component is termed as the FioranoMQ Management Server. The Management Server is used to manage the Messaging Server registered under it. The Management Server can also be used as a Messaging Server.


How is the Management Server Run??

Please refer to section How to run FioranoMQ Messaging Server.


Can a New Profile be Uploaded to the Directory Services?

Yes, one can upload a new customized profile to Directory Services. For more information on how to upload please refer to section Uploading Profile.


How is a Profile in the Directory Service Deleted?

A profile that is being used by a messaging Server registered under the management Server or a default profile may not be deleted.


What Operations can be Performed on Profiles in the Directory Services?

The operations that an administrator can perform on profiles in the Directory Services are:

  • Upload profile
  • Add profile
  • Delete profile
  • Edit profile
  • Get registered server
  • Get all registered server

For more information on these operations please refer to section 1.5.


What Default Ports are used by the FioranoMQ_clusterManager profile and the FioranoMQ Management Server?

Default Ports used by FioranoMQ_clusterManager profile and the FioranoMQ Management Server are:

  • Accepting Connections: 1656
  • RMI Port: 1658
  • Dashboard Listening Port: 1680
  • Directory Services default Port: 10389*
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