This document contains important information about the Fiorano Platform 10.3.2 release. These notes are the most recent information for the product and take precedence over all other documentation.


To understand how to upgrade your current Fiorano environment to Fiorano 10.3.2, please refer the Migration Across Releases section or refer the document named 'FioranoPlatformMigrationGuide' present at the location $FIORANO_HOME\migration.

The following sections list new/changed features, resolved issues, and known issues and limitations pertaining to this release.


What's New


  • Support for sequential processing of messages with multiple threads within the XSLT microservice.


  • Support to view inbound and outbound rates of input ports from the Dashboard.
  • Support to view message monitoring logs from the Dashboard.


Resolved Issues


  •   Preprocessing transformation happens even when message is ignored based on a property.
  • Aggregator microservice gets hung when timeout with dynamic number of messages is used in certain scenarios.
  •  C Sharp microservices send message to reply to destination apart from sending to output port.


  • Unable to view SBW data when application level document tracking is used.
  • Adding debugger does not work for remote instance when the peer server is restarted with chained applications running.
  • Errors during the deployment of an application in certain scenarios where there are remote instances in the event process.
  •   Errors such as 'Queue closed' and 'Queue receiver does not exit' received by clients in certain scenarios.
  •   Issues with delivery of messages when remote server is not responding in HA mode.


  • Issues with SVN Integration.

Known Issues and Limitations

Known Issues

  • If multiple eStudio clients are connected to the same Enterprise Server and working on the same Event Process, the changes made by one client will not be reflected to the other clients.
  • There is a race condition which under rare circumstances leads to corruption of the Peer Server's PUBSUB database on multiple start/stop events of an Event Process accompanied by multiple failovers of a Shared HA Peer Server. The Peer Server refuses to start after this point. For exact sequence of steps that may lead to this issue, please refer to KB#3273 on the Fiorano Support Portal following the URL
    • Workaround: Clear Peer Server's PUBSUB database manually. The PUBSUB database is present under: $FIORANO_HOME/runtimedata/PeerServers/<PeerProfileName>/FPS/run/PUBSUB.
  • While logging on to eStudio (server on Windows 2012), if the user is not logged in as admin, he/she could get exceptions while connecting to eStudio.The reason is that by default the NTFS file system does not provide necessary Write permissions to a Guest User. And if the default temp file location that java uses falls outside the permissible territory, it results in the aforementioned exceptions.
    • Resolution: The '' property should be set to some location within permissible limits (in server.conf/fes.conf) or the user should be given explicit Write permissions.
  • A Peer Server run as an NT Service under a Domain User account in Windows fails to deploy more microservices after about 75 microservices have already been deployed.
  • JMSIn/JMSOut/JMSRequestor microservices running on a Linux machine cannot connect to a Weblogic server running on a remote Linux machine using the T3 (default) protocol; the HTTP protocol should be used instead.
  • SBW search does not work properly with the MSSQL database when an Event Process name has Japanese characters.
  • SimpleHttp Microservice fails when the length of IP and subnet are different in the system property "http.nonProxyHosts".


  • eStudio

    • Layouts will not be completely preserved when an Event Process is opened in eStudio and nStudio.
    • Customization of Error Logs and Problems View to show only eStudio-related logs is not supported.
    • Event Processes created prior to SOA 2007 SP4 cannot be imported.
  • eMapper

    • Option to import an extension is not present.
    • Validation of Types is not present while compiling funclets.
    • EDI and CSV formats are not supported.
  • Feature not supported—Cannot use overloaded java functions for scripts imported from a TMF file.
  • Applications created prior to SOA 2007 SP3 using WS Stub and Http Stub microservices are not compatible with the latest versions.
    • Work around: After importing, reconfigure WS Stub and Http Stub instances.
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