The WorkListManager component is used to manage one or more instances of the WorkList component. This component offers a web-based interface to enable you to track your set of tasks as well as administer various task-specific activities and escalate or reassign them based on individual requirements.

This is a non-configurable component and acts as the Manager of all WorkList components part of an Event Process. An instance of this component is used in the WorkListManager Sample Event Process.

Points to note

  • To use the web interface, please start the ESB Web Container and access http://localhost:1980/worklistexplorer.
  • Running more than one instance of this component is not advisable.
  • This component should be running on the same peer server where all the WorkList components are running.


Figure 1: WorkList Manager Configuration Property Sheet (CPS)

DB Configuration


Select the appropriate database in the Database property; the drop-down lists all the supported databases. If the required database is not listed, select 'Other' as the database option.


If a database is not listed in the drop-down list, this does not mean that the component will not work with the database. This only means:

  • Monitor Table feature will not be supported for the database
  • Appropriate Driver and URL should be specified


Driver class name that should be used to connect to the database. On selecting required database, driver value is populated with a standard value (This can be changed to required one based on the driver being used). 


jar/zip file containing the driver class should be added as resource to JDBC System Library. Refer Adding Resources to a Microservice section to perform this activity.


URL at which the database is running. On selecting required database, URL value is populated with standard value (This can be changed to required values based on driver being used). The populated value will have place holders which have to be replaced to point to correct database location.


User Name of the particular database.


Password for the respective User Name.

Useful Tips


Character encoding of web pages can be changed in %FIORANO_HOME%\esb\server\jetty\fes\webapps\worklistexplorer\WEB-INF\web.xml. By default this value is set to UTF-8 in web.xml as shown in following fragment of web.xml




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