This section describes how to configure iReasoning MIB tool to view and receive SNMP traps and events.


Download the iReasoning MIB browser from the link given below. Click on the link below to go to the webpage and click the I Accept link agreeing to the Software Licence Agreement.

In the three installers provided, download the ones meant for Linux and Windows. To download the installer, do the following:

  • Windows: Double-click the  executable file (.exe file, generally named 'setup.exe')
  • Linux: Extract the .zip file (


  • Windows: Right-click the .exe file and choose Run as administrator option. Go through the MIB Browser Setup wizard and close the window by clicking the Close button in the Installation Complete panel.
  • Linux: Open a terminal in the folder where you have extracted the zip file, or navigate to the folder via terminal, and enter the following command (after the dollar prompt) to run the tool; enter the password when prompted:

Loading fiorano_mib.txt

In the iReasoning MIB Browser window, select Load MIBs option from File menu. Navigate to $FIORANO_HOME\esb\server\profiles\<profile_name>\FES\conf and load the fiorano_mib.txt file; the structure gets loaded.

Figure 7: Load MIBs dialog box


Just below the menu bar is an address bar to use custom configuration. In the address bar, click on Advanced button, the Advanced Properties of SNMP Agent windows appear. Enter the configuration corresponding to the one configured in FES profile in Studio/eStudio:

  • Port: [whatever port entered in SNMP Agent Port in Studio]
  • Read Community: public [whatever entered in Setting the SNMP community in Studio]
  • Write Community: public [same as above]
  • SNMP Version: 1

Figure 8: Advanced properties of SNMP Agent

After configuring, click OK to save the configuration.

Checking the events

Right-click any one of the tables listed in the Tree view on the left. For example, navigate to fps - fps  and right-click on it and click on Table View to view the events related to fps.

Figure 9: Navigating to FPS Table View

Configuring Traps

Select Trap Receiver option from Tools menu to open the Trap Receiver windows. In Linux, user may not be able to open the trap receiver window if the MIB browser is not started in super-user mode. Users can view the traps received in the trap receiver window.

Figure 10: Trap Receiver

Configuring Mail for Traps

In the Trap Receiver windows, go to Trap Receiver Settings to configure Mail settings if you want to be notified via mail when you receive Traps.

  1. Select the checkbox Enable forwarding traps via email.
  2. In the To Email Accounts field, enter your email address.
  3. Select the checkbox Use SSL to enable SSL.
  4. Enter your Primary SMTP Server configuration parameters as follows:
    1. Enter your SMTP Hostname, for example
    2. Enter From, Username, and Password fields.
  5. Similarly, configure Secondary SMTP server, if required.
  6. Now, you may test the configuration by clicking on Send test mail button.
  7. Click Apply and then OK to save the configuration.

You are now ready to receive mail when a trap is received.

Figure 11: Trap Receiver Settings

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