The TibcoRVOut component is used to receive messages from the messaging queue server of TIBCO Rendezvous. The name of the queue from which a message needs to be retrieved can be specified using the CPS.

Points to note

The following required files need to be copied from the TIBCO installation directory for the component to run on windows platform. All these should be added as resources Tibrv system library.

  • tibrvj.jar
  • libeay32.dll
  • ssleay32.dll
  • TIBCO.Rendezvous.dll
  • tibrv.dll
  • tibrvcm.dll
  • tibrvcmq.dll
  • tibrvcom.dll
  • tibrvft.dll
  • tibrvjsd.dll
  • tibrvj.dll
  • tibrvsd.dll
  • tibrvsdcom.dll


Managed Connection Factory

Figure 1: Managed Connection Factory panel


Server Configuration

TibcoRV Service

TibcoRV Service name.

TibcoRV Network

TibcoRV Network name.

TibcoRV Daemon

TibcoRV Daemon name.

Connection Pool Params

Please refer Connection Pool Params section in Common Configurations page.

Interaction Configurations

Figure 2: Interaction Configurations panel


  • Receive Subject: Receive Subject name
  • Field Name: Field Name
  • OutputSchema: Output Schema
  • OutputRootName: Output Root Name

For the attributes given below (all except the last one are Expert Properties), please refer Interaction Configurations section in Common Configurations page.

  • Pre Processing XSL Configuration
  • Post Processing XSL Configuration
  • Validate Input
  • Cleanup Resources (excluding connection) after each input document
  • TargetNamespace
  • Monitoring Configuration

Refer to the Processing Message based on a Property section for the description of this property.

Scheduler Configurations

Please refer Scheduler Configurations section in Common Configurations page.

Error Handling

Please refer Error Handling section in Common Configurations page.

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