The FPS can be stopped from the Fiorano eStudio or by directly executing a script file. Shutting down the Peer Server automatically invokes a shutdown hook in the peer server's JVM which cleans up any resources and connections used by the server's JVM.

Using Fiorano eStudio

FPS can be stopped only after logging into FPS from the Fiorano eStudio. The Figure 1 shows the Shutdown menu item location:

Figure 1: Stopping FPS Server

Using Script Files

The Peer Server can be shutdown using the shutdown-server script present in <fiorano_installation_dir>/esb/server/bin folder.

  • Shutdown scripts cannot be used to shutdown both primary and secondary servers running in shared HA mode simultaneously using a RMI connection.
  • If HA profiles from previous versions are migrated to current version of the product, these profiles need to be re-configured to specify BackupRMIServerPort properties to make use of this functionality.

This script can be used to:

  • Shut down a standalone peer server.
  • Shut down both the primary and secondary HA servers simultaneously.

Options that can be specified within the script are:

  • -user: Name of the User trying to shutdown Fiorano server.
  • -passwd: Password of the User trying to shutdown Fiorano server.
  • -restart or –r: Restarts the Fiorano Server.
  • -ha: Used to shutdown both active and passive servers running in HA.
  • -mode: mode of the server, that is, fes or fps. Defaults to value fps.
  • -url: URL of the active Fiorano Enterprise Server to which the Peer Server has connected.
  • -fpsname: Fiorano ESB Peer name.
  • -? or –help: Prints help message.


To shut down a standalone Peer Server:

To shut down both active/passive Peer Servers in HA:

The above examples of shutting down the Peer Server(s) involves connecting to an Active Enterprise Server, whose url is specified by the -url parameter.

The following options can also be specified if a User wants to shutdown the Peer Server using a RMI connection. This involves connecting directly to the Peer Server to initiate the shutdown.

  • -connectorType: Connection type to server. Pass RMI for shutting down servers using RMI connection.
  • -address: IP Address of server
  • -rmiPort: RMI port of server

If the -ha option is given to shutdown both the servers of an ha pair, the address and rmiPort options can be specified as either the Primary or the Secondary server. This can be used if not certain of which server in the HA pair is the active one.


To shut down standalone server:

To shut down both active/passive servers in HA:

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