Security store is the repository of data necessary for encryption/signing of outgoing documents and decryption/verification of incoming documents.


The Host Organization's key pairs and certificates of partners can be added to the security store in this section. The aliases loaded in the store will be made available for users when configuring channels for encryption/signing.

Figure 1: Keys configuration

SSL Configuration

SSL encryption can be used to ensure secure communication between the parties. SSLs configured in this section are made available for users while configuring channel protocols containing SSL configuration.

Figure 2: SSL Configuration


Fiorano B2B access is limited to certain set of Users and Groups. Adding and removing Members/Groups as well as access and modification permissions to a particular user/group can also be managed.


Users in the group B2BAdminstrators can be assigned permission to redo failed Transactions and other users can be restricted to access only the transaction status.

Figure 3: Users View


As getting familiar with the attributes present in the Fiorano B2B user interface, follow the step by step instructions present in B2B Quick Start Guide to try hands-on with Fiorano B2B.

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