The Fiorano network can be monitored through SNMP Managers. The Fiorano Enterprise Server has an SNMP Agent that handles MIB requests and sends traps carrying status information about all the Peer Servers, Event Processes, and Business Components running within a Fiorano network.

The MIB file named 'fiorano_mib.txt' that an SNMP Manager needs for monitoring a Fiorano network is available in $FIORANO_HOME\esb\server\profiles\<profile_name>\FES\conf. This file contains the Fiorano Platform MIB tree required for monitoring Peer Servers, Event Processes, and Business Components.

Figure 5: Fiorano Platform MIB tree

Fiorano Platform MIB

As discussed in the previous section, MIB declares the information that the agent can provide. The Fiorano Platform MIB gives an idea about the information that can be extracted from the Fiorano Platform Agent. The present implementation is SNMPv1 compliant. The Fiorano Platform MIB is the first sub-tree in the Fiorano sub-tree.

Fiorano Platform Agent

The Fiorano Platform Agent is an implementation that provides the values for the objects defined in the MIB above. It maintains its own database of values, which is updated when Fiorano Platform performs events like launch or the shutdown of an FPS occurs. The Agent is programmed to respond to SNMP queries from the manager. Currently the data is in read-only form for the manager and therefore setting values by the SET operation is not permitted. Additionally, the Agent can be configured to send trap messages to the manager on occurrence of alerts and/or events.

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