This tool helps to create a copy of all the folders in $FIORANO_HOME which store all the configuration information and works of the user to another remote computer specified by the user. It's a simple easy-to-use tool which comes in handy when creating a backup for future data recovery or past data retrieval. On failed execution of this utility, only the “_sync” folders on the remote machine might be affected, leaving rest of the folders untouched. Directories that are copied are:

  • $FIORANO_HOME/runtimedata
  • $FIORANO_HOME/esb/server/profiles
  • $FIORANO_HOME/esb/server/bin
  • $FIORANO_HOME/extlib


Make sure that the

  • firewalls are disabled on the host as well as remote machines
  • port number 873 is open

Executing the Backup Utility

To execute the Backup Utility, perform the following actions.

  1. Configure Secure Shell (ssh) so that it does not ask for passwordwhen you perform the synchronisation. Use ssh-keygen on local server to generate public and private keys as follows: ssh-keygen
  2. Press Enter without providing any input when the terminal prompts with the following:
    • Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase):
    • Enter same passphrase again:
    This will generate a fingerprint key.

  3. Use ssh-copy-id to copy the public key to the remote host as follows: ssh-copy-id -i~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub <Remote_Username>@<Remote_ip> The above will ask the password for your account on the remote host and copy the public key automatically to the appropriate location. Refer the screenshot below for a better understanding:

  4. Provide the following properties in the BakupUtility.properties file:
    • username
    • IP address of the remote machine
    • Fiorano_Home path of the following machines:
      • host
      • remote

  5. Give suitable permissions to the script. 

  6. Run the script using the command:

    Below is a sample output of the script:

    The script creates the log files listed in the table below.

    Log Files



    Stores the current logs


    Stores the previous error records


    Stores all the logs of the last successful run

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