Messages can be configured to process based on a specific property in certain occasions where all the batch messages in a flow are required to be processed in a sequential order where certain message types should only be processed by some specific microservices which are configured for those messages types.

This property can be enabled in the Configuration Property Sheet (CPS) of the microservices. Expert Properties, under which this property is listed, needs to be enabled to view/edit this property. After enabling the property, specify the name and value of the message property based on which the messages need to be processed.

Figure 1: Process Message Based On a Property attribute in the FileReader CPS


Create an event process that receives all types of HL7 messages, process them according to HL7 message type, and then insert them into another store maintaining the order as it comes, that is, in FIFO (First Come First Out) priority. Consider a group of microservices as below:

  • Group A: configured for Message Type A
  • Group B: configured for Message Type B
  • Group C: configured for Message Type C

We need to configure all the Group A microservices to ignore other HL7 message types except Message type A using these properties. Similarly, configure Group B and Group C microservices to provide exemptions for Message type B and C respectively.

Figure 2: Event Process flow using Processing Message based on a Property attribute

So even though all the messages in the flow pass through all the microservices, only those messages which are configured for the particular message type get processed by microservices.


There might be a schema mismatch on the routes which are separated by 2 groups of microservices; any warning related to this may be ignored.

If the above pattern of processing message based on property is not followed, the event process flow resembles the figure below, where sequential order will not be maintained

Figure 3: Event Process flow using Processing Message based on a Property attribute

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