Fiorano Peer Server

The Fiorano Peer Server acts a container for launching Business components at the network endpoints of a Fiorano network and manages the life cycle of its components.

Peer Server Functionality

The following list consists of the roles of the Fiorano Peer Server:

  • Acts as the runtime container for the components.
  • Routes the data between various components in a Peer to Peer fashion over JMS routes.
  • Routes Business component related control and State information to the FES server.
  • Provides store and forward capabilities to handle network failures, thus providing guaranteed delivery of messages (which flow across from one peer to another). A Fiorano Peer server has inherent storage mechanisms and forwarding mechanisms which enable each peer to stores messages corresponding to all Peer Servers that are unavailable at the moment and forward these to Peer Servers as and when they comes up again. This allows the Event Processes to continue execution even in the event of a remote machine failure or a network failure.
  • Generating System and User Events.
  • Generating Logs.
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