Adding Sample Event Processes

A few pre-configured sample event processes are shipped with the Fiorano installation. To open a pre-configured sample event process, perform the following actions in the Server Explorer panel in eStudio:

  1. Right-click on the Event Process Repository node and select Add Sample Event Process; the Add Sample Event Process dialog box is displayed.

    Figure 1: Add Sample Event Processes
  2. Select the Event Process(s) to be opened by selecting the check box against each entry and click Finish. The selected Event Process(s) get displayed under the Event Process Repository node.

    Figure 2: Add the Sample Event Process dialog box with all the Sample Event Processes selected
  3. To see the graphical view of an Event Process, double-click the event process node which opens in the Fiorano Orchestration editor.

    Figure 3: Sample Event Processes under Event Process Repository node with one of the Event Processes opened

The samples that are already added to the repository will not be visible in the Add Sample Event Process wizard.

Viewing Help content

Click inside the Fiorano Orchestrator editor to find the Help file that provides instructions on how to work with the given sample.

Figure 4: Help file for the sample Event Process selected

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