Logs view shows the status logs for actions done in B2B tool.

Error tab shows error and warning logs whereas Output tab shows information logs. These logs can also be exported using the Export button.

Figure 1: Logs

Transaction Logs

All the transactions with partners, which include the information needed for auditing/monitoring etc, are recorded in the central database.

In Transaction Logs view, the number of completed/sent/received documents at various stages of communication can be seen. The MDN (Message Delivery Notification) information corresponding to AS1 and AS2 channels is saved as part of transaction logs. The documents can be filtered based on a specific message (Transaction ID), specific business requirement (MTB ID), Operation (Send/Receive), Status, Dates, Message Content etc.

The documents recorded in the Partner Management DB can be deleted if necessary. It is also possible to re-inject a failed transaction. This allows manual reinjection. Automatic retries can be configured at the channel level. The permission to delete/re-inject documents is reserved for administrators and can be assigned to others using permission management available within the B2B interface.

Figure 2: Transaction Logs View

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