Following are the limitations of Fiorano 12 High Availability:

  • The current High Availability implementation does not support the PrimaryPreffered Flag. If one wants the Primary Server to be active on its reboot, the Secondary Server has to be manually shutdown.
  • Profiles of Servers prior to Fiorano 10 9.0.0 release will not work as they do not have the LockFile property in them. One has to copy the profile to $Fiorano_home/esb/server/profiles and open the profile using Studio. The LockFile parameter has to be set and profile has to be saved for the profile to work.

Also, the LockFile has to be set up on the gateway machine. If the PrimaryPreffered flag has been set in the older profile, the flag will not be respected.

  • The Fiorano High Availability servers cannot be run on Mac OS as java does not support locking of files on samba shares on Mac OS.
  • The hot standby Fiorano HA passive server takes approximately 17-20 minutes to become ACTIVE / STANDALONE in the following scenario.
  • Active server on UNIX OS and Lock file on UNIX OS shared using Samba.
  • Network cable of active server pulled out / problem with the network card of machine hosting the active server

This time interval is a characteristic of Samba server on UNIX OS.

  • The ActivatePrimaryIfBothStandalone flag will no longer be respected, as the lock mechanism makes sure that both servers of the HA pair do not be Active/Standalone at any point. This flag has been deprecated from the Fiorano 11 release onwards.
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