The FES can be launched from the Windows Start menu or by directly executing a script file.

Using Fiorano eStudio

Click Start > Programs > Fiorano > Fiorano Platform > Fiorano Servers > Fiorano ESB Server

Using Script Files

  • To start the FES server with the default profile (which is profile1), run or double-click the script server.bat/.sh –mode fes available under <fiorano_installation_dir>\esb\server\bin folder.
  • To start the FES server with a specific profile other than the default profile, run the script server.bat/.sh available under <fiorano_installation_dir>\esb\server\bin folder with the profile option as shown below:

Example: <profileName>=haprofile1/primary or <profileName>=haprofile1/secondary - This is to start servers in HA mode.


In UNIX systems, servers, by default, will start in the Background mode. Pass runtime argument –nobackground to the server startup script to run the server in console mode. If the Background mode is not to be run, then run %FIORANO_HOME%/launcher/ so that nobackground="" is changed to nobackground="true".

To install FES as a Windows NT service, run the command:


NT services will have to be re-installed if you make changes to any configuration files. This includes fiorano_vars as well as server.conf.

To remove the FES NT service, run the command:

To install/uninstall FES as a service on UNIX, refer to readmeWrapperService.txt present under %INSTALL_DIR%/Fiorano/esb/server/bin/service directory.

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