Event Processes developed in and exported from nStudio can be imported into eStudio using the Import Event Process (nStudio) option present on the context menu of the Event Process Repository node.

Figure 1: Import nStudio Event Process

Selecting the import option opens an Import Wizard.

Figure 2: Import nStudio Flows

The Event Processes to be imported can be added to the table by clicking the Add button. A file chooser dialog box is displayed where the nStudio flows can be selected; multiple files may be selected at once.

To import all the Event Processes present in a particular folder, select the Add From Folder option present in the drop-down button located on the right side of the add button. All the supported flows present in the folder and all of its sub-folders will be added to the table.

The state of the wizard after adding the flows is shown in the figure below:

Figure 3: Select nStudio flows to import

After adding the selected files to the table, the flows to be imported can be selected using the check box against each entry present in the table. Click the Finish button to import the selected flows to the current repository. If any of the selected flows already exist in the repository, the user is prompted to overwrite/ignore/rename the flow. The imported flows can be viewed under the Event Process Repository Node.

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