The iWay component may be used to utilize the adapter library of the iWay Adaptive Framework for Microservices Architecture.

You need to deploy a web application (iWayHelper.ear) on the application server on which the iWay JCA resource adapter to be used has been deployed.
The iWay component of Fiorano requests the above mentioned web application at design time to retrieve iWay configuration parameters such as available adapter names, target names, input/output schema of the available targets.


iWay adapter requests are executed through the deployed iWayHelper in the application server.

Configuration and Testing

The connection parameters can be configured in the connection properties panel of CPS.

Figure 1: Sample IWay connection configuration

Server connection can be tested from within the CPS by clicking on test in the connection properties panel.

Figure 2: Sample connection test result indicating success

IWay adapter related configuration can be captured in the interaction configuration panel

Figure 3: IWay adapter related configuration

Input Schema

There is no input schema for this adapter.

Output Schema

There is no output schema for this adapter.

Functional Demonstration

This requires a licensed IWay adapter.

Use Case Scenario

In the purchasing system example the record purchase details are sent to an external inventory management system server for processing using an IWay adapter.

Figure 4: Purchasing system example

The event process demonstrating this scenario is bundled with the installer. The bundled process shows it as a HTTP component instead of an IWay component.

Documentation for the scenario and instructions to run the flow can be found in the Help tab of flow when open in Studio.

Useful Tips

  • IWay adapter requests are executed through the deployed IWayHelper in the application server.

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