The importance of 24X7 service availability and the growing importance of conducting real-time business are driving the demand for High Availability Enterprise Systems. The goal is to maximize system availability and eliminate any single point of failure. This chapter discusses the High Availability (HA) features provided by the Fiorano Platform.

The Fiorano Platform provides multiple tiers of High Availability:

  • Message Level HA
  • Enterprise Server HA
  • Peer Server HA

These multiple levels of High Availability eliminate the requirement for expensive RAID, OS clustering software, or third-party HA frameworks in the messaging layer. No matter how complex in-process transactions continue to completion without any expensive rollback or recovery time.

Fiorano provides complete flexibility to administrators giving them an option to either use a shared database (between active and passive server) or use database replication (from active to passive server). So in scenarios where it is not possible to share the database, administrators can still use Fiorano's High Availability Enterprise Systems using the in-built replication support.

To understand more about Enterprise and Peer HA servers, Relicated and shared server, understand about various states etc., refer the following sections:

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