Fiorano is integrated with a BPM tool called as YAWL (Yet Another Workflow Language). YAWL is a BPM/Workflow system based on a concise and powerful modeling language that handles complex data transformations, and full integration with organizational resources and external Web Services.

Enabling BPM Tool

By default the BPM tool is disabled in Fiorano 12. To enable the BPM tool, perform the steps describe below:

  1. Open the Enterprise Server profiles from eStudio and check the enableStart property as shown in Figure 1 and save the profile.
  2. Also provide the full path of Worklet service repository in FIORNAO_HOME/esb/server/jetty/yawl/webapps/workletservice/WEB-INF/web.xml.
  3. Start the Enterprise Server. BPM tool uses jetty server to launch the BPM engine and listens to port 1990.

Figure 1: Enable BPM


In order to start the BPM tool, you should run the enterprise server with JAVA 1.6 or above.

The BPM log files are present in ${FIORANO_HOME}/runtimedata/EnterpriseServers/${profile}/FES/run/logs/BPM folder.

Configuring DB

The BPM tool by default uses H2 database. The H2 database files are created in ${FIORANO_HOME}/runtimedata/EnterpriseServers/${profile}/FES/yawl_db. You can change the database by changing the database configurations in FIORNAO_HOME/esb/server/jetty/yawl/webapps/*/WEB-INF/classes/

Resource Service

The resource perspective is responsible for modeling an organizational structure, and the people who populate it in a computational form, so that a person may be coupled with tasks and data emanating from the control-flow and data perspectives. The basic role of resource service is to allocate workitems to resources for processing.

BPM Editor

BPM editor is used to design the specifications and validate them.

To launch the BPM editor:

In Unix

In Windows
Click Start > Programs> Fiorano> Fiorano 12.X.X.X>Fiorano Tools and click on BPMEditor


Open command prompt, goto %FIORANO_HOME%/esb/tools/yawleditor and run yawleditor.bat.

After Launching the editor, test the Engine Connection and Resource Service Connection.

To test the Engine Connection, go to settings>Engine Connection, provide YAWL Engine URL as http://localhost:1990/yawl/ia, User Name as admin and Password as YAWL.

To test the Resource Service Connection go to settings>Resource Service Connection, provide Resource Service Connection as http://localhost:1990/yawl/ia, User Name as editor and Password as yEditor.

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