Fiorano B2B enables business to business communication in a standards-based, secure and reliable manner. Built on top of a powerful REST-based Microservices platform, Fiorano B2B enables organizations to monitor, audit and govern their business processes effectively and efficiently. In B2B, messages are sent encrypted and signed using different encryption algorithms and digest algorithms. Messages are sent using different transport protocols.

Fiorano B2B solution comprises of Fiorano Dashboard and Fiorano B2B applications.

  1. Fiorano B2B Dashboard: A web-based product which is secured by login credentials, hosted on Jetty server, embedded in the Fiorano Enterprise Server (FES). It helps in defining the business contracts and in providing access to Partner Management Database.
  2. Fiorano B2B applications: Built using the Fiorano's REST-based Microservices platform, which enable communication with business partners using different Microservices available in Fiorano Microservices. 
  • Sections in B2B User Guide explain about the features available in the Fiorano B2B Dashboard and the configuration required to get Fiorano B2B working.
  • Move to B2B Quick Start Guide section for the navigational steps to go hands-on with Fiorano B2B.
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