Fiorano API Management is a Fiorano API platform which enables exposure of useful data to multiple parties including partners, developers and/or internal teams. It provides a platform to build web interfaces on top of existing HTTP or JMS services in a secure and reliable manner. Other features include Quota Management, prioritized throttling and analytics.

Fiorano API Architecture

The Fiorano API Management product is built upon the below attributes:

  • API Management Server
  • API Gateway Servers
  • API Dashboard
  • Developer Portal

Figure 1: Fiorano API Management Architecture

The Central ‘API Management server’ serves to administer and control a network of available API Gateway server(s).

As seen in the figure above, the Fiorano architecture scales linearly. As the number of APIs to be hosted increases, one deploys additional API Management servers in the form of ‘peers’. This allows the load to be distributed across multiple servers, enabling a "build as you grow" strategy.

API Documentation


Please refer to API Documentation for API Documentation.

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