This component is used for distributing workload of N Jobs amongst M Workflow processors. Typically this component is used before multiple instances of the same component and the load balancing mechanism in the component is used to distribute the messages received by this component. The component uses Weighted Round Robin mechanism.


The number of ports configured for the component should be the number of instances being used to share the load.

Configuration and Testing

The DistributionService component can be configured using its Configuration Property Sheet wizard as below.

Figure 1: Sample DistributionService configuration

Propagate Connected Components Schema

When this property is enabled, the schema of the connected component on the inport of the Distributed service component would be set on all the ouptut ports of the Distributed service component. 

Functional Demonstration

Scenario 1

Send multiple requests to DistributionService, each displayed in separate display components.

Configure the DistributionService as described in  Configuration and Testing section above and use feeder and display component to send sample input and check the response respectively.

Figure 2: Demonstrating Scenario 1 with sample input and output

Sample Input

Input Message

Sample Output

Input Message


Same message appears as provided as Sample Input.

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