The DiskUsageMonitor component can be used to monitor the hard disk usage of a particular drive or path on a host machine. This component also triggers sending of alerts to its output port whenever the usage reaches a maximum limit specified as a percentage.

Points to Note

  • This component can only be used on Windows, Solaris and Linux platforms.
  • This component cannot be launched In-memory of the peer server.


Component Configuration

Figure 1: Component Configuration panel in the DiskUsageMonitor CPS

The following parameters can be configured from the Configuration Property Sheet (CPS) of the component.



Disk to Monitor

Specifies the path of the disk that you intend to monitor.

Disk Usage Limit (%)

Specifies the maximum disk usage limit, i n percentage, allowed. If the disk usage crosses the limit specified by this parameter, alerts are sent to the output port.


Default value is 90 (%).

Monitoring Interval (sec)

Specifies the time duration, in seconds, for which this component waits to poll the disk to check its usage.


Default value is 20 (seconds)

Display Service GUI

Displays the user interface of the component.

Functional Demonstration


Configure Disk Usage Monitor Service component to monitor the disk usage of 'C drive' on a Windows machine.

Configure the parameters mentioned above and use a Display component to receive the alerts when the Disk Usage Limit exceeds. Configure the Disk Usage Limit as 80% (Disk Usage Limit property value set as 80) and run the event process to find the Disk Usage Monitor window and Display window with the alert (wait for as much time as specified in Monitoring Interval property).

Figure 2: Event Process to demonstrate the Disk Usage GUI and Alerts

Figure 3: DiskUsageMonitor window showing percentage of used and free space

Figure 4: Alerts appearing in the Display window every 20 seconds as configured in the CPS

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