Editing Destination Level Security through ACLs

The administrator can grant users access permissions to work on different destinations (Topics and queues). Permissions to users and groups can be edited by executing the following steps:

  1. Launch Studio and click on the ServerExplorer pane. Right-click on the desired server and select Login from the pop-up menu.
  2. Navigate to the required destination through Destinations > Topics/Queues.
  3. Right-click the required topic/queue and select the EditACL option to open EditACL dialog box.

    Figure 1:
    EditACLdialog box to edit Destination Level Security

    • Add permissions for a new principal by clicking the Add button.
    • Remove an existing entry for a principal by clicking the Remove button.

  4. Select the ACL entry (for any principal) in the  EditACL dialog box and click the Edit button to open the Edit Permissions dialog box.

    Figure 2: Edit Permissions dialog box to edit an ACL

  5. Modify the permissions for the various actions like Publish, Subscribe, Unsubscribe, and Durable Subscribe as desired and click the OK button.
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