The DataQueueWriter microservice writes messages to AS400 Queues.

Configuration and Testing


The Configuration Property Sheet (CPS) of DataQueueWriter is shown in the figure below with the Expert Properties view  enabled.

Figure 1: Sample DataQueue Reader Configuration

The table below provides descriptions for properties in the CPS.



Error handling configuration

The remedial actions to be taken when a particular error occurs can be configured using this attribute.


Refer Error Handling section in Common Configurations for detailed information.

Host Name

Hostname or IP of AS/400 Server.

User Name



Password pertaining to the username.

Queue Name

Name of AS/400 Queue.


The complete path of the Queue has to be provided.

Queue Size(bytes)

Size of the AS/400 Queue.


To write data to a queue whose exact size is not known, set the value to "-1" so that the microservice uses the maximum entry length. If it is set to "-1", make sure that the queue is already created.

Auto Create Queue

Create queue automatically if it does not exist.


It will also try to create the library (FIORANO1.LIB in Figure 1) if it does not exist, but make sure that the user has sufficient privileges.

Close Connection

If set to yes, then the connection will be closed for each successful writing of a message.

Expert Properties

Pre Processing XSL Configuration

Pre Processing XSL configuration can be used to transform request message before processing it. Click the small button against the property to configure the properties.


Refer to the Pre/Post Processing XSL Configuration section under Common Configurations topic for details regarding XSL configuration. The properties comprising this XSL configuration are:

  • Provide XSL
  • XSLT Engine
  • Transformation source data
  • Set transformation result as

Post Processing XSL Configuration

Post Processing XSL configuration can be used to transform response message before sending it to the output port.


As mentioned in the above section, refer to the Pre/Post Processing XSL Configuration section under the Common Configurations topic for details regarding XSL configuration.

Process Message Based on Property

The property helps components to skip certain messages from processing.


Refer the Process Message Based On a Property section under the Common Configurations topic.


The configuration can be validated using the Validate button. A sample result of the Validate operation is shown below.

Figure 2: Validating the configuration

Input Port: Message that should be sent to AS/400 Queue.
Output Port: Sends the status, if the message was written in the queue.

Functional Demonstration

Configure the DataQueueWriter microservice as shown in Figure 1.

The figure below shows a sample event process in which DataQueueWriter writes messages sent by the Feeder microservice to the Queue.

Figure 3: Sample event process using the DataQueueReader microservice

Sample Scenario

Sending a sample text message from the Feeder microservice to DataQueueWriter.

Sample Input

The figure below shows a sample input from the Feeder microservice.

Figure 4: Sample input from the Feeder microservice

Sample Output

The figure below shows status messages sent by the DataQueueWriter microservice.

Figure 5: Status messages sent by DataQueueWriter

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